Where does "organic" come from?

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We all know that using organic products become more and more popular due to the many benefits that come with an organic lifestyle.

But what does the term organic actually mean?
Basically, organic means that any item or agricultural product that you buy must meet and maintain certain standards.

They must be grown without synthetic pesticides, nitrogen-based fertilisers or petroleum and cannot use genetically modified seeds.

Livestock must be given exclusively organic food and they are not allowed to get any antibiotics or growth hormones.

With Organic farming, animals are treated more humanely; stocking densities are lower which
means less stress on the animals and free range is the way to go.

Organic farming is also better for the environment. Not using excessive use of chemicals have led to an increase in soil fertility.

Organic farmers try to minimise a negative effect on the environment by using sustainable farming practices which are not only better for nature and animals but also has a huge impact on our health.

Studies have shown that organic food is more nutritious and taste better than processed food.

Additionally, those who use organic products for their skincare or cleaning avoid nasty
preservatives, chemicals and toxins.

How do you know if a product is 100 % organic?
Look for the Australian Certified Organic Standard label on your products.

This label is reviewed every three years to ensure that everything stays up to date with industry regulations.

Although there are other national organic standards sets by the Australian Government, the Australian Certified Organic Standard label is one of the strictest.

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