Pack of organic Kids Travel Set + a lovely story book

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Packing for your family holiday can be daunting for some people. What do you bring? And what now? What are the best travel essentials you definitely need for your little ones?

Here at Voguekit, we've got a lovely range of organic kids travel sets and organic Travel Essentials for your little ones. Everything you need in one pack for your next family trip.

Pack of organic Kids Travel Set + a lovely story book

You will definitely impress your little one with this lovely organic kids travel set from Little Innocents that contains the following:

x1 Hair & Body wash x1 Intensive Soothing Cream x1 Sun Lotion SPF30 x1 Moisturising Lotion

All tubes are 30ml, and that's not all as we also included this lovely storybook of the Grunts all at sea by Phillip Ardagh!

We also have another organic kids travel set available with the same kids travel products, but with a different book, which is Ruby Red Shoes goes to London, written by Kate Knapp.

Perfect for your next family holiday trip or weekend getaway and it will keep the kids entertained for sure!

Summer and Winter Organic Baby Travel 4 pcs Set

If you already have enough books or your little one is not a very keen reader or to small to read, we also offer an organic Summer and a Winter baby travel set from Little Innocents.

What we love about the products of little innocents is that they are Australian made with only 100 % pure organic and natural ingredients. So you won't expose your innocent little ones to all hidden nasties like parabens and other toxic chemicals used in many babies and kids products.

Our lovely organic baby summer and winter travel packs contain four little innocents products ( each 30 ml ) which are made from essential oils that not only smell amazing but also have a positive effect on a range of skin conditions like dry skin, ( nappie ) rashes, cradle cap, cuts, eczema and more.

Our organic Baby Travel set contains

x1 Hair & Body wash x1 Intensive Soothing Cream x1 Moisturising Lotion

x1 Winter Blues Balm ( in our winter pack )

x1 Sun Lotion SPF30 ( in our summer pack

Not only are our organic baby travel packs perfect to take on a day out with the family or during your next trip, but they are also a perfect gift for a mum who is expecting, a birthday or baby shower.

We ship worldwide, so order your organic baby travel pack today to give away or to take with you on your next trip.

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