Here is why you should buy organic

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Here is why you should buy organic

More and more people are changing their current beauty and body products into organic and all natural products and eating habits to greener and cleaner.

But why is this? Why should you buy organic?

We at Vogue Kit share with you the mean reasons why you should consider buying organic only products over regular products.


Prevent your body from toxic chemicals

Did you ever take a good look at the ingredients of your body and beauty products? If you didn't, just get your beauty products out, and see how many ingredients you actually really know. And what these ingredients can do to your body.

For many years, consumers used so many beauty and body products that are actually loaded with chemicals and toxins, while not even knowing what's actually in it.

A lot of body, beauty and cleaning products contain a lot of toxic ingredients that definitely do more harm than good, while all organic products are safe to use for your daily beauty routines for you and your family and will actually benefit your skin.

Organic Skin Care Paw Paw

Organic is healthier

Not only organic products but also organic food is healthier and safer.

It contains more minerals, antioxidants and vitamins and is free of harmful pesticides and added hormones.

There are strong rules to get 'organic certified', so you know when you buy an organic product or organic food, it's good!


Organic products are better for the environment

The manufacturing process of most regular products causes significant pollution and damage to nature due to all the chemicals in the products.

With most natural and organic products, recycled packaging is used, and the product itself needs less processing, which is better for the environment.


You know what you get

With organic products you know exactly what's actually in the product you buy. There are no unpronounceable ingredients, extracts or nasty paraben listed on the ingredient lists.

The ingredients used in organic products are just the daily products you are familiar with like sunflower oil, avocado, peppermint or lavender to name a few.


Organic is better for animals

In regards to organic beauty products, they are not tested on animals, and in regards to organic food, for example, products like milk, cheese and eggs, animals are also not harmed in the process.

The animals eat healthily, have enough space and don't get any antibiotics or supplements.


Are you ready to buy only organic products?

As you can read, buying organic products have a lot of benefits, not only for you but also for the environment and nature. Did you make the change to all organic already?

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