Here is how you make you children love brushing their teeth

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Here is how you make you children love brushing their teeth

Little children and brushing teeth is not always a match made in heaven. But a good tooth brushing ritual is essential for healthy mouth and teeth.

To make tooth-brushing fun, you can simply give your child a fun toothbrush and a toothpaste that doesn't only look good, but 'taste' good too!

We at Vogue Kit make sure teeth brushing is fun for your kids, with our range of Bio Organic toothbrushes and natural Jack and Jill toothpaste.

Bio Organic Toothbrush by Jack and Jill

Here at Vogue Kit, we offer you a range of different animals like a bunny, dino, koala, or hippo. These funny items definitely make your kids want to brush their teeth three times a day.

The soft rounded Nylon bristles are designed for superior cleaning and the ergonomic handle is made from 100% Corn Starch (non-GMO!)

Not only your kids will love it, but you also help the environment as our Bio Organic Jack and Jill toothbrushes are safe for the environment too as they are completely natural disposable.

You can break off the toothbrush head, which contains Nylon ( disposable ) and disposing it at your local recycling depot. The rest of your toothbrush can be put into your compost and it takes around 1 year to break down the chalk-like stick in your home compost collection or around 90 days in a commercial compost collection.

Kids Musical Electric Toothbrush by Jack and Jill

For kids from 3 years of age and even adults, we have this lovely Kids musical electric toothbrush from Jack and Jill, which makes brushing your teeth even more fun!

With super soft Dupont Nylon bristles which rotate nice and gentle, this musical electric toothbrush made out of recycled and recyclable materials is a must have in your daily toothbrushing routine.

The Jack and Jill electric toothbrush features a musical audio track, spoken instructional prompts or you can just use it in silent mode.

To make a fun personal toothbrush you can use one ( or all ) of the six adorable bubble stickers that come with it and stick in on your buzzy brush.

They also come with a three-month warranty!


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