Here is how to kickstart your sustainable lifestyle

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Do you want to live a more sustainable, organic and green life, but no idea where to start? 

It's easier than you think. We share with you 7 tips on how to kickstart your sustainable lifestyle today.

1. Quality over Quantity
Buy products and food that are of good quality instead of cheap products that are made of toxic materials and by people who get underpaid to make those items. Go for Organic Food, Natural and Organic beauty products, and furniture and home-ware products that are made of sustainable material and build to last. Buy less, but better.


2. Buy local
When buying locally you are not only supporting local businesses and farmers who produce food, but you will most likely end up with food which is fresh, and products that might be handmade with love.

3. Grow your own sustainable food
If you are a bit of a hobby farmer yourself, you can grow your own food and make your own homemade fresh meals straight from paddy to table. Not only cheaper but also better in taste and nutrients.

4. Say NO to plastic
The big supermarkets finally ditched the millions of plastic bags that went to waste every year. But we can also do a lot ourselves to reduce plastic waste.
There are many sustainable alternatives which are not harmful to our health or pollute the earth in the process of producing them. Bring your own shopping bag, your own coffee mug, and try to buy at shops that sell eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products.

5. Check your energy labels at home
Have a look at your white-goods and your lights you use at home. What energy label do they have? Sometimes it's products with a bad energy rating label are cheaper to buy, but in the long run, they cost more in energy and power.
Also, have a look at your lights bulbs and change them into energy-efficient versions.
Those changes will not only benefit the earth but also your power bill.

6. Recycle
Recycling and reusing are such easy steps but can have a huge impact. Donate your unwanted goods and clothes to a second-hand shop or charity or give them away to someone in need. Say no to plastic bags and packaging. Be inventive with your products, think before you throw stuff out if you can't use them for anything else.

7. Buy better cleaning and beauty products
Last but not least is to buy better products for the earth but also for your skin. With a lot of chemicals and toxins in regular cleaning and beauty products, it's so much better to buy natural and organic only products.

At Vogue Kit we provide a wide range of Organic Face and Body Care (with a special range for baby and kids ) Organic Travel Essentials, Aromatherapy, and Organic Fabric and home care products.

Start your Organic and Sustainable Lifestyle Today!

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